Passive income is simple

One of the many ways that rich people have invented to make us poor people feel better is to swamp us with movies reminding us that, money isn’t that important in the end. Of course, these movies always seem to feature people who have

  1. great jobs or runs some sort of company etc.
  2. fancy cars and in some cases, helicopters
  3. live in huge apartments.

One of the greatest examples is this guy who relies on his money for things like butlers, martial arts lessons and underground lairs. He is deeply unhappy even though he spends his days dating glitzy women and following his passion of beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands at night.
Money doesn’t bring happiness! It just brings about loneliness and occasional need to dress up as nocturnal creatures.

In case anyone is wondering, it’s Batman I’m talking about.

OK, how many of you reading this article have this problem?

“I have so much money that my biggest problem is I’m unable to reform criminals by thwacking them with various bat themed objects!”.

If that’s you, please feel free to stop reading this rest of this article, also maybe get some therapy, don’t suffer in silence

The biggest lie on the Internet

Everyone wants more money. And it’s true the Internet is an amazing place.

A place where we can take an idea or belief and turn that into a business

But there are too many people using this to perpetuate a myth that doesn’t exist, wait for it…..

Passive Income.

This phrase is complete bull shit. Over the past month, I’ve been attending several free seminars conducted around Singapore. And you can see all the tricks employed to prey on the human instinct for free money. Buzzwords like passive income, “system”, work from anywhere, zero-down etc.

I’ve watched throngs of people signed up for an expensive subscription service that promises to send them winning “F/X” trades on your mobile. Press a button and execute the trade. Shuddered in disbelief as people paid for courses that promised a passive income business without any work involved. Just plug your computer into the Internet and money will gush from it like a tap.

In my experience there are only two kinds of people who talk about Passive Income.

  • People who don’t know what they’re talking about.
  • People selling you something.

If you truly want to build a 1,000 a month business.
Here’s a way and it’s completely doable.

Option 1: Start a freelancing business

Think about it. $1,000/30 = 33 a day. Assuming you can devote 2.5 hours a day to something, that’s like $13 an hour.
So start a freelancing business. there’s plenty of sites that are looking for people to do free-lance projects.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. mturk

There are plenty of people posting projects that they need help with. Start bidding on them and become a freelancer that charges 13 dollars an hour and spend 2.5 hours a day =$1,000 a month business

But that’s not sexy, Aksel. Who wants to work after work?! Ok.. here’s option 2 then.

Option 2: Start an online business

Go and find products on Amazon that is > $100. Look for a few items that you are willing to try out.

For example, the Amazon Tap sells for $130 and you get around 5% commission in from the Amazon Affiliate program from selling these products.

Again basic math:

$130 * 5% = $6.5 or so.

So you just need to sell 150 units a month (or about 5 a day) to earn $1,000 a month.

Start writing a blog that could fit around these products, for the Amazon Tap, it could be something like “smart homes”. Get a few products which fit together under this theme, write some articles and guest blog on some sites. Film some un-boxing and instruct-able videos around these products. Don’t expect to be too much from the first month and work at growing the site’s popularity. After a few months, it may be possible to make $1,000 a month

Passive income requires active work

I’ve met and interviewed people who have made “passive income” but they work their asses off. My wife is running a side business along with a full time job and you better believe it’s hard work. There’s no such thing as passive income without active work.

Don’t buy into this lie.

Don’t sell it to yourself.

Making more money is simple but stop trying to convince yourself that this is going to be easy. That you’ll be able to “set it and forget it”.

Passive income is simple, not easy.

Edit, here are a few more passive income myths:
And sure, I know about property investments and trading, but you’re kidding yourself if you think that you don’t have to work for those.

Trading (F/X, Options): You need time and effort to learn the skills and you better believe you’ll be losing money before you make anything significant.
If you think you can just follow someone else’s trades or someone promises to sell you their “special system” that will tell you all their winning trades, get the hell out and slap the guy silly for good measure.

Property investment: here’s how to do 0% down property investment, get a mortgage for 80% of the cost, get a credit line / personal loan/ re-mortgage your current house for the other 20%. Zero down but you better be sure you’ve checked out the property and know the rental trends of the surrounding area. If you don’t think there’s lots of work involved in buying a rental property, prepare to be surprised.

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