Guru Secrets Exposed: How they lure you in and suck your money dry


Have you ever browsed Facebook and come across an ad like this:

How to make $2,967.82 Online Income In One Day (PROOF Inside)

“We only have $1,300 left in our accounts… How are we going to survive?”

That was what my partner, Marvin, and I were constantly in fear about when we were back in university.

We had ZERO knowledge, ZERO technical skills, and ZERO work experience.

How were we going to find a job?

We decided that we didn’t want to be living in constant fear of getting fired by our bosses –

We wanted to be in control of our own future…

And that’s when we discovered the power of eCommerce!

I’m not going to lie to you…

The first few months of starting our own eCommerce business were bad.

We would get a sale one day, but then zero in the next few weeks.

We didn’t know how we could replicate the results we wanted!

But that’s when we developed our own system that helped us generate sales over and over again…

In just 3 simple steps!

And using this “3-Step System”, we went from broke university students…

To running our own 7-figure company!

This is a simple system that anyone can use.

Join our FREE MasterFind for the simple 3 step system to generate a 7 figure income.

Did you finish reading the whole thing and felt like you wanted to find out more?

Every sentence in that story is carefully crafted to “open a loop” in your mind. What the hell is this 3 step system they’re talking about?

When you start a TV series, you finish it. Even when you hate it.

When there’s a question in your mind, you want it answered.

So you keep reading… Is it because the story is good?

Or because that story could be about you?

It’s weird. It’s the author’s story but it could be describing you.

Aren’t we all “living in constant fear of getting fired by our bosses”?

They found a way out! They’re earning $2,967.32 a day. $1,083,071.8 a year!

They don’t have bosses. You’re still working for a boss you hate.

Better yet! If you attend a FREE class; they will tell you their 3 step system.

When you get that system, your life will change too!

What’s the harm in registering?

It’s free, isn’t it?

Have you ever heard of anyone giving money away for free?

This live seminar is filled with other like-minded people. You’re not alone. So you feel a lot better.

He’s going to reveal his secrets for HOW SIMPLE making millions can be. He starts by showing his bank account with millions in it.

And then the big reveal!

  • You don’t need any experience or ideas
  • You just need the right process/system.
  • You just need the right coach/mentor.

He’s willing to reveal his whole simple system to you. And coach you through his process!

“The best entrepreneurs have a mentor!”

H asks some simple disqualification questions. The influencer doesn’t want anyone who already has their own system. It’s so difficult for people to unlearn what they already know. Their cups that are full, how can they learn anything?

He wants people whose cup is empty so they can fully learn and embrace their system.

You better do it fast though. Because spaces are limited! It’s only $10,000 for his personal mentoring program. They will make sure you succeed.

You look around and 10 people are signing up.

There are only 40 spaces per class!

The influencer doesn’t want too big a class. He wants to keep the size small but the quality high.

And the next class is 3 months later where the price might be different. You better hurry…

Fast forward 3 months You’ve spent $10,000 on credit for 12 weeks of training. The influencer teaches you how to sell his program. This could also be his system to make money from forex/stock/bitcoin/durian.  Whatever the hell is is the influencer teaches their students to sell. Sometimes people do make money. If you get 50% commission for selling his “system”; you only need 2 dummies to breakeven.

Is something still holding you back?

These influencers ask their students to approach family first. Then their friends who trust them. Very soon, they run out of people to sell to.

So they turn to marketing. They try Facebook ads but don’t have much to spend.

It doesn’t work very well. They try promoting over social media.

They beg their friends to help buy these courses. It’s helped them so much.

They alienate a lot of people and nothing seems to work.

That’s when they reach out to their influencer’s Facebook group.

They’ve tried everything, they whine.

But something is still holding them back. (this exact line will appear, trust me on this).

Lucky for them, their influencer is holding a summit.

They can recharge from the wisdom of their influencer.

It’s held at a secret island hideaway carved into the middle of a volcano. So they can work in peace.

It’s only $30,000 dollars.

Anyone spot a pattern here?

How does the influencer convince people to spend 10,000 on crap?

The methods they use are similar to cult indoctrination. These influencer tribes are exactly like cults. When you’ve spent 10,000 on crap, you need to justify your decision. Facts will not change their minds. Show these people facts that they’ve been scammed. And most of them will find it offensive you questioned their cult leader. Sorry, I mean influencer. They have to remain consistent. They just spent 10,000. They can’t possibly have spent it on crap!

Getting people to spend money is a science. And the top influencers have spent a lot in testing and refining their techniques.

I have no issues with the techniques themselves. It’s not wrong to try to create a community, use retargeting ads, or speak to your target’s pain points. These are all important for selling.

I use them myself.

What I find offensive, is these techniques promoting a crappy product. A product that sells people a “get rich quick system”. There is no such thing!

It’s hard to tell which of these influencers are legitimate. All of them use the same techniques. The good ones and the bad ones. They use these techniques because they work.

How did I get these insights

I’ve attended 43 of these free workshops. They peddle everything.

From “binary” options trading, cryptocurrency mining, e-commerce, internet marketing, spiritual healing etc.

I’ve gone through their sales funnels to gain insight into their techniques and I’ve bought products.

The number of products containing helpful information that I couldn’t find with 5 minutes of Googling? 3

How do you separate the riff-raff from the good ones?

Here’s MY simple 3 step system to find out:

  • Are they still getting results from what they are teaching and help others generated the same results after their course?
  • Do they speak in specifics or are they talking about vague stuff like “unlock your hidden potential”?
  • And the final one: are they making more money selling courses than the system they claimed made them rich?

If this “coach” is making more money from his courses than the system his teaching, you should get the hell out of there. It’s very simple. The course claims to help you make a million dollars a year? Great, count how many people signed up for their course. You only need to sell 100 courses at 10,000 to make 1,000,000. Which one is more profitable for them?

Most of all, TRUST YOUR GUT. If you have a weird feeling after listening to the “coach”, get the hell out of there and don’t look back

In my next post, we’ll go through some of these “coach”‘s sales funnels and break down the tactics of persuasion and compliance they use.

If that interests you, stay tuned by signing up below …

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