Guru Secrets Exposed: How they use “free” workshops as bait?

Have you ever wondered why there so many free workshops, webinars, seminars?
You can’t scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing an ad for one. Did you attend one and found it a giant waste of time?
It’s no surprise.
  1. Your “coach” designed these workshops to sell you stuff
  2. They designed these workshops to create questions
  3. They want to move you from curious onlooker to buyer
These free workshops do not give you free information. There’s no free lunch, people. A free workshop is a sales tool.
There’s a well-known structure for these workshops. A structure that’s been around for a long time. I’ve attended workshops in the 1990s with the same techniques as those used today. The Internet just refined something that was always there. Made it easier for the hunter to shoot the rabbits.
If your Facebook feed has an endless number of these ads, it means you’re the rabbit.
These workshops are an effective sales tool.
I recently attended one of these workshops as the “guy aware of what was going on”. I was studying them. So when the workshop finished, I packed up and left right?
I noticed my mind drifting, wondering if I could pay for what they were selling.  
That says it all. I was lucky I left my wallet at home.
This workshop was masterfully done. They hit something deep, psychological needs. And left enough questions that I craved to know what they were offering.

How these coaches make their workshops:

  • Phase 1: Establishing power
  • Phase 2: Promises, promises, promises
  • Phase 3: The beach, the vacations, the cars
  • Phase 4: The meat and potatoes?
  • Phase 5: Shooting the rabbit

PHASE 1 – Establishing power.

The first person you see will not be the speaker. There will be someone to warm up the crowd for the “coach”.
  • Why are you here?
  • What do you do?
  • How did you hear about the workshop?
You’ll hear a lot of the same answers. Remember, you’ll only see ads if you meet the coach’s criteria. You won’t be attending these free workshops if you’re a millionaire. These warm-up questions are to put you at ease. There are others like you here. It makes you feel better. You’re not the only fool.
“To get the most out of this workshop, be sure to silence your phone. You will learn a lot. So please give the “coach” your undivided attention.”
It sounds like common courtesy.
Robert Cialdini calls this pre-suasion. They got you to agree to do something for them. You’ve given the speaker your focused attention. This is the entry point.

PHASE 2 – Promises, promises, promises

This phase is for them to grab your attention. There will be one or two slides titled “Who this workshop is for?”
  • This is for you, guys finishing NS who hate authority.
  • This is for you, uncles and aunties that hate the government
  • This is for you, people who want to escape the 9-6 rat race.
If you fit the description, they have your attention. (Kinda hard not to with those statements. I described every type of Singaporean.)
Then the promises, oh, so many promises. A ladder of promises if you will.
My Promise To You Today:
  • I’ll show how to start an e-commerce business without any inventory.
  • I’ll show you how to turn your ability to breathe oxygen into a 6 figure income. 
  • You don’t need any experience, you don’t need any brains.
  • But you need to know how to use the Internet.
“I promise to give you my step-by-step strategy to your first $10,000 dollars.”
They know what you, the rabbit wants to hear. So that’s what they will tell you. You’re here because you want a step by step plan to get rich. 
They’ve got your attention. But deep down, you still know they’re trying to sell you something.
So they’ll drop this.
“I’m doing this because I want to help people. I’ve made a lot of money with my system so I want to give back to the community”
“There is nothing to sell.”
“But if you stay to the end, you’ll get a free gift.”
This is the “future pacing technique” in Neuro-Linguistics Programming. They want you to stay to the end by letting you see the “future”.
It’s not a lie.
There’s nothing to sell. At this workshop.
They want you to be open to the idea of selling.  To do that, they have to change your beliefs about what this workshop is. If you think they’re selling you something, you’re on the lookout. Your mind is “closed”. You’re waiting for them to state their price, so you can say “AHA!”
But if you start believing there’s nothing for sale… You start thinking you might learn something.

PHASE 3 – The beach, the vacations, the cars

They got past your doubts. This workshop is more than someone selling you something. This might be the one that changes everything for you.
There’s where they unload the pain.
Does this sound like you?
  • Do you feel guilty for spending time away from your kids?
  • Do you feel like your life is being wasted at your 9-6 job?
  • Do you feel afraid of losing everything when you get retrenched?
They want to hit you in your face with the YOUR pain. These are things you’ve asked yourself in your bed, awake at night. They changed your statements to a question. Replace it with a “do you feel”.
People love to think they’re unique but we’re all the same. Plus they have Facebook Pixel to help them. You found this workshop on Facebook, right?
The real problem is this!
“You just weren’t starting the right business!”
This simple re-frame is the eye-opener. 
Why do it this way?
It tells you that your fears weren’t the real problem. Since you were wrong about the problem, it makes sense why everything you tried never worked before. 
But now, you have a question… what is the right business?
You’re not going to get the answer. Now, they’ll tell you what you GET when you have the right business.
This technique is “pre-supposition”.
  • You’ll get passive income whenever you’re sleeping.
  • You can copy all our ads and run it on autopilot.
  • You’ll hit 6 and even 7 figures in 3 months time.
  • You will be able to send your kids to Harvard
  • You’ll be so rich that your next house is a biosphere on the moon.
“You just need someone to show you how!”
Now you’re about a 3rd of the way through the workshop. And you’re beginning to wonder if it’s going anywhere
Here comes the “who am I” section? This is about authority and social proof. The purpose is to prove that they are someone worth listening to. If they’re good, this will be actual sales numbers.
Credibility establishes authority. So it’s going to be big numbers, name-dropping, testimonials, downloads, like, shares etc..
  • I’ve studied under Anthony Robbins
  • I used the same toilet as Prince Harry when he visited
  • I’ve had 5 app downloads, 1 each from mum and dad. Then I downloaded myself 3 times.
At this point, you’ll see some awesome vacation photos. Beaches are very popular. Or offices of big tech companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Then they’ll show you their “Lambo”. The goods ones own one, of course. The shitty ones just looked for one they can stand next to. (Protip: There’s always one at Holland Village). They will also drop in pictures of their family. This makes them more relatable. They want to give their family a good life. Just like you!

PHASE 4: The meat and potatoes?

Now, they will get into the “meat and potatoes” you signed up for. Supposedly. But it’s really about getting you to lower your guard so you will buy from them.
So without further ado: let me present my 5 steps to an e-commerce empire!
1) You don’t need to create products or stock inventory, you just have to help people!
This is the shocking moment. How do you run an e-commerce store without inventory? 
And it’s about helping people? It’s not. It’s about letting you feel like the “coach” helps people.
So he can help you. Of course, he’s more likely to help himself to your wallet.
2) You can make a million dollars a year by referring people and get a commission! This is called “Affiliate Marketing”.
The “coach” has a product he would like you to refer.
3) USE THE SECRET WEAPON. The secret weapon is “workshops”
Well, you have to agree. You’re still sitting in there, aren’t you?
This is the part they tell you they are too busy to grow their business.  So they’re looking for more students to help them. Remember, the “coach” has a product to sell.
The last step is always “INVEST IN MENTORING”. Why? They’re going to sell you their mentoring.
PHASE 5: Shooting the rabbit.
This is the phase that they close the sale. You’re feeling excited. You’ve discovered some insights. And this person wants to “mentor” you the whole step of the way.
You’re feeling a little giddy. There’s a good buzz around the room. The “coach” will change the energy of the workshop. Watch for his tone, speed and pitch. They use this to hype you up. 
They will summarize the “5 steps to an e-commerce empire”. Then they give you a choice.
“You can spend the next few months by yourself. Trying your own strategies to make affiliate marketing work for you. You will lose a lot of money trying things that won’t work. Losing money and time with your family.”
“Here’s how my team and I can help you.We’re always trying to help people. At this stage, I’ve already made a lot of money. I don’t want to waste my time so I’m only looking to mentor people who are ready to learn.”
If we work together:
  • You need to attend all calls on time
  • You need to dedicate 2 hours a week to work on your business
  • You need to contribute to the community.
The final slide of the workshop is a call to action.
Sign up for a free call with us to see if you will be eligible.
This is a play on scarcity and ego. The very fact you could reject you makes even more eager to get it. You won’t be the only fool, there will be a line forming at the workshop.
That’s the end of the free workshop. You’ve gone from sceptic to extremely motivated prospect. 

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