Captain America Civil War Edition: Maybe you’re not right

Captain America Iron Man
Mild spoilers for Captain America: Civil War ahead!
If you haven’t heard, Captain Amerca and Iron Man and fighting each other in a cinema near you. And you should go watch it!

It’s an interesting take on the conflict of superheroes. Anyone realized they seem to blow a lot of things up in this movie? Captain America ALONE has claimed an estimated 14,089 souls and despite being like a 100 years old by now, he shows no signs of letting up.

The big reason why they’re fighting is because Tony Stark aka Iron Man believes that something needs to change in the way the superheroes go about their business. Too many people have died as collateral damage and they have to be held accountable for their actions.

This goes against everything that Captain America has believed in this entire time. Captain America thinks that they can govern themselves despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

How many times do we face that in our lives?

New information is coming out everyday that challenges our commonly held beliefs. You don’t know everything. In fact, it’s very likely that at this very moment, we all believe a large percentage of things that will be proven wrong in the future.

Some of these beliefs could have been passed down from generation to generation. Things so ingrained in us it’s almost painful to let it go.

When this happens, you have a two options:

  1. Band together with someone else that believes the same thing as you, cite that person and immediately discredit the new information. Loudly declare that your disproven beliefs have been, are and always will be true. Wait for the truth to go away.
  2. Be like Iron Man. No, not the billionaire, play boy, philanthropist, PTSD surivivor part. But understand that you can act like a scientist, that new information can be a way to reflect on your previously held beliefs. Don’t let your ego get in your way.

It’s sad that most of us default to rejecting new information.

You can see this from people who still believe creationism is true. That global warming is a myth.

An intelligent person like yourself would probably laugh at these people but we need to dig deep to find our own “creationist myth”.

Is there something you believe that’s already been disproven?

Why do people insist on believing the impossible?

The first known photograph was found in 1827; and the dandy craze where everyone started dressing in over the top fashion took of in 1830. Because everyone was consious that they could be captured on camera.

These days, everyone has been handed a soapbox and megaphone in 148 characters. It’s already been proven that writing something down can subtly change our behavior. Even when you’ve written it just for yourself. Once we’ve put it out there, we feel the urge to defend our opinions ever more strongly and we forget our opinions might not be based on fact.

Improve the system within the boundaries

In Civil War, the Sokovia Accords are a treaty with the United Nations that will force the Avengers to be a government sanctioned organization. Essentially, the Avengers will have bosses like you and me telling them when to start their Avenging.

Tony Stark doesn’t think signing it is the best course of action. He knowns there are lots of problems associated with the Avengers becoming a United Nations strike force. However, he felt that working with the government, he could maintain some oversight and change the system from within. He wants to improve things by working within the system.

It’s far easier to complain about circumstances than try to work with them:

“My company just doesn’t recognize talent”

“I can’t change jobs now, the economy is too terrible!”

“My weight is genetic, there is nothing I can do about it”

“My company just doesn’t recognize talent”, I say

Every company wants to find and retain talent. Have you sat down with your boss and him what he considers a top performer?

Most people I’ve seen never talk to their bosses. They run around doing things they think are what their bosses want, and then get surprised that they’re not considered a top performer.

“I can’t change jobs now, the economy is too terrible!”, I say

There are new jobs on the market every day, the very top performers get jobs without having to look for them. When I say top-performer, I don’t mean people who are just good at their jobs. These are people who actively follow up with their network. People who follow up with others in their industry that hear about job openings before it even hits the market. Being good at your job is a given as no one is going to reccommend you if they’re hesitant about your capabilities. The hard part is following up with your network so you know when jobs are available.

“My weight is genetic, there is nothing I can do about it”, I say

It’s possible to have certain conditions that prevent weight loss but it’s highly unlikely you’re one of them. Actively track your calories for a month and you’ll probably see the truth. There’s only one thing you need to know in lossing weight like Neil Degrassse Tyson said ” A weight loss book written by physicists would be 1 sentence long: “Consume calories at a lower rate than your body burns them”

Will you band together with others to make sure you don’t have to hear the new truth?

Or are you a scientist like Tony, understanding new information, looking at how to incorporate it and experimenting to see if it works for you?

I’d love to hear from you. What’s a deeply held belief that you’ve changed your mind on in the past?

I’ll start:

I used to think that eating fatty food would make you fat. Seriously! I avoided fatty meat like the plague. I’ve learnt from researching into the subject that fatty foods has no direct correlation with weight loss. It was a real eye-opener.

What can you learn today that will challenge your beliefs?

PS: For more geeky insights into our behavior:

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