Hi, my name is Aksel, and if you ever wondered
  • “How can I start living a wealthy life?”
  • “How can I be successful at my job and still have time?”
  • “How can I enjoy life without worrying about money?”

then you’ve come to the right place. I had the same issues. I didn’t understand money, and the terrible advice out there overwhelmed me. I tried these “tips that the “experts” kept throwing like “Budget” and “Stop spending money on Starbucks”.

It didn’t make any sense to me! I’m not hard up! I make a bit of money at my day job. Can’t I just enjoy my life, do the things I love, and still build wealth at the same time?

Yes you can. Here, we will talk about how to use using psychology and behavior systems to build wealth.

How is building wealth different from getting rich?

If you’re after the next hot stock tip or get rich quick scheme that will lose you money and/or friends, or you prefer to live a life of ultra-frugality, please leave!

You will not get that here! In fact, I will constantly make fun of you.

Wealth is more than just getting rich quickly.

How often do we hear lottery winners going broke again in the same year?
We shake our heads and go, it’s easy, just don’t spend it all. But given the same circumstances, many of us will do the same thing

Don’t believe me?

How many of us:
  • Get our credit card bills and go, I guess I spent that much?
  • Get a huge bonus and wonder where the money went?
  • Earn a high income but still feel like we are just keeping afloat?

Growing up broke is one of the reasons I know this better than anyone.

Noticed I said broke, not poor.

My parents have made plenty of money in their lifetimes. I’m talking high 6 digits per year but the money never seems to “stick”.

They swung from buying condos to renting public housing to buying condos to renting public housing again and again.

I currently work a 9-5 job, recently got married, and bought a property in 2014. This means I have responsibilities. I can’t just up and quit my job to start the next Google.  I’m as average as can be.

But I also don’t want my family to go through what I went through.

That’s why I am embarking on a journey to build riches that “stick”.

How will my blog help you get ahead in life?

I want to document the things I learnt here so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

I invite you on my journey:
  • To say “Yes” to all the things we want to buy and still build wealth
  • To become ultra successful at our jobs and still do the things we love
  • To enjoy life without having to worry about money